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Web Design and Development FAQ

I'm new to this, what's the process for getting a website?

First, we would have to find and register a domain name that fits your business. Second, we gather information, text and images about what your business entails. Third, we design your web site until you are satisfied. Fourth, we host your website so it is "live" on the internet. Fifth, we submit your site to the major search engines. It really is that easy.

I all ready have a site, how can RJT Design Studio help me?

If you have a web site, we can still work on the design of it. We can make small revisions or do a complete new design for you. No job is too small or too big. We also can maintain your site on a monthly basis if you so desire.

I would like RJT Design Studio to redesign my site and host it, how is this done?

If you all ready have a web site, we can develop your new site and post it on our servers until it is finished. We will provide a link for you to view the new site while work is in progress. Once everything is complete we can then proceed to switch your hosting over to RJT Design. This way your site will always be available to visitors during the design process.

My site is hosted somewhere else, do I have to transfer it over to RJT Design hosting?

No. We can work on any web site. We would need access to the site to be able to make design changes, either through FTP or an administrative account of your CMS system.

I all ready have a domain name. How do I change the hosting over to you?

Most registrars have a log in system to administer your domain. To switch your hosting to RJT Design, log in to your domain account and switch the Name Servers to the information we provide. If you're not sure how this is done, we can log in for you and take care of it.

If you prefer to keep the Name Servers on your domain as is, we can also provide the IP number for your site. You must be able to set an A record for your domain so this will work.

What is your web design pricing?

Our pricing varies for each design project.

A new six page web site begins at $369. This is for a standard html website, additional pages are usually $22 each. Other options such as logo design, database intergration, php programming and/or a shopping cart will cost extra. A full quote on the price will be provided before we begin the web site design process.

All other work will be based on an upfront quote based on $30/hour.

Still have more questions? Call us at 727-232-1571 or email us to find out what we can do for your company.